Back Yard in Connecticut...Courtesy, Paige R. Gowans

Back Yard in Connecticut                     Photography Paige R. Gowans


On the Northeastern Coast, the weather is still chilly in May.  What a stark contrast

for those of us who live in the warmth of Florida’s sunshine. It has been quite

a winter for those Northern dwellers!  With all it’s challenges, though, winter is a beautiful

season and claims it’s own sweetness. The following poem glorifies God for all of winter’s beauty…


Winter Statement…

Ice-covered branches,

drenched in frost,

dripping in daybreak,

preside against a backdrop

of Tchaikovsky’s Waltz.

I marvel at Your Winter Statement, Lord,

-at Your Winter Statement

of sight and of sound

and of the Great I Am!

This morning,

from my window,

in humble gratitude,

I praise You!


Dear Father, Thank You for the beautiful winter season and for all the lovely drapery of each season that follows as well.  Thank You

for Your favor in us.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

© carol castagna 2015