A short rebuke is spoken – and for a dozen men, the world changes. Their world is a rowboat. Their immediate universe is the Sea of Galilee; and a storm is at its peak. Most of these men are seasoned fishermen and we are told that the severity of the storm was such that they were afraid of drowning.  I can just imagine the boat pitching and rolling with the waves as they bent their backs against the oars, rowing with all their might to reach the shore without success.

All the while, Jesus was sound asleep. In desperation they wake Him up and shout above the howling wind, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!!” As Matthew tells it, Jesus rebukes them for their lack of faith (trust) and tells the storm to stop.  And it stopped. Their world is immediately transformed from chaos to order. And they wondered… Who is this man who commands the winds?

When we approach the throne of God, in sincere abandon and make our requests known unto Him who loves us, a miraculous change occurs: the winds are stilled, the turmoil ceases, the storm stops. The Lord bids us trust Him. Our Gentle Shepherd, Jesus, embraces us and teaches us to wait patiently for His direction. There is a change in our hearts and lives because Jesus is living in us. Old things are passed and new life in Christ begins. The believer finds a new and sure way of living, a genuine communion with God through Christ: he finds forgiveness and peace, a peace he has never known before. God’s Holy Spirit now resides in him and he is given the assurance that no life storm will drown him. What a quiet miracle to bow before Him and sense His love without saying a word! The love of God shatters the dark of night, whatever that darkness may be. Fear and anxiety dissipate and He leads us into the calm and light of His life. What a gift ~ what a treasure is ours!

© October, 2012 Carol Castagna




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