The Rapture

The sky, star-swept
Whispers of a pearl-haze night
Silence hovers…
Snowflakes fall slippery from above

Like diadems
All is still

A blast of trumpets!
And silence becomes
Welcomed glory to believers
Fear, to scorning multitudes
Nocturnal solitude sparks into radiance
To make way …

He’s coming!!

The sky slashed in pastel hues ~

His presence!
Angels, draped flawless in white
Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace
Clouds behind Him, a backdrop for His glory
The redeemed, cleansed, free from sin by His blood

Arise exultantly to meet Him.
As Jesus said, “The dead in Christ will rise first.”

Then we “shall meet Him in the sky”

“And every eye shall see Him”

Old and New Testament
Prophesy Fulfilled!  He destroys pain, sorrow, death…

“In a twinkling of an eye”
Jubilation!  Celebration!   New life!

Eternity begins with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit

And those who chose the path to hell stand stunned and aghast, as they



and tremble…

© October, 2012 Carol Castagna