The new e-book, A Gentle Kiss from God, authored by Carol Ann Castagna takes the reader through the seasons of her life with poetry that touches the heart. Having lived through a dismal marriage as well as the disappointment of being kept from pursuing her dream of becoming a missionary, the pen became her avenue of expression.

One day her heart was touched by her four-year-old daughter’s remark when a cool breeze invaded her otherwise hot and humid room.  “Mommy,” she remarked, “it feels just like a kiss from God.” A giggle escaped her lips and her face brightened as though God had reached into her room to surround her with his refreshing presence. Taking a cue from that incident, Carol resolved that through her published poetry and music, those who found themselves immersed in stifling circumstances, might experience the same refreshing breeze of love, acceptance and peace that can aptly be described as a gentle kiss from God.

Carol Ann’s career as a Psychiatric Nurse Clinician has taken her to places where she confronted the very depths of human mental and emotional distress: she often prayed silently for divine intervention to ease the patient’s anguish. That experience has led her to include in her book short, meaningful prayers that anyone can use to seek God’s help.
An accomplished pianist, having been taught by her uncle, who was a classical pianist, Carol has been an inspiration to the congregants of her church; she also never failed to entertain and lift the spirits of her audiences in assisted living establishments, hospices or in hospital beds. Her original compositions create a relaxed, soft and melodious mood and can be accessed on her website, JoyPsalms, The author’s aspiration is that anyone who journeys through her writing will draw nearer to the Lord.

Scheduled to find its way to:  Amazon, Apple/iTunes, Kobe, Barnes and Noble (Nook), Lightning Source (many retailers), Google Play, Baker and Taylor, Scribd, and Store….A Gentle Kiss from God, eBook,  available, online, week of May 18th, 2017. Soon to be available in soft cover.

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