winter in a kiss from God

Winter’s Statement  by Carol Ann Castagna ©2016

Photography by Cheryllee Persico, used

by permission


On the Northeastern Coast, the weather is still chilly. Feels like winter in May! What a stark contrast

for those of us who live in the warmth of Florida’s sunshine. It’s  quite

a season for those Northern dwellers!  With all it’s challenges, though, winter is most beautiful

and claims it’s own sweetness. Connecticut was my home for most of my life.

The following poem glorifies God for all of winter’s beauty…


Winter’s Statement

Ice-covered branches,

drenched in frost,

framed by pink sun-glow, sparkling,

in shimmering daybreak,

preside against a backdrop of morning-sky mauve.

The whirling wind can kiss and sting,

its chill embrace, a cloak.

Flakes frost my fingers and my eyes.

I blink against the nip.


I breathe the brisk of winter’s cold

and sample its portions,

my eyes now quenched with pleasure.

The sound of ice, cracking, echoes as I step,

while thoughts of You,  Lord, warm me.

Draped in winter-love’s balm,  I lift my gaze,

“Dear God, how marvelous your greatness!!

Here, with you, The Great I AM,

I am wrapped, enfolded .

I offer my humble gratitude for your landscape of

matchless elegance, of pure magnificence!

I bow to you, Holy Father and praise you

Creator of the Universe. ”


© 2016 carol a. castagna