winter in a kiss from God

Winter’s Statement  by Carol Ann Castagna ©2016

Photography by Cheryllee Persico, used

by permission


On the Northeastern Coast, the weather is still chilly in May.  What a stark contrast

for those of us who live in the warmth of Florida’s sunshine. It’s generally speaking, quite

a winter for those Northern dwellers!  With all it’s challenges, though, winter is a beautiful

season and claims it’s own sweetness. I know. Connecticut was my home for most of my life.

The following poem glorifies God for all of winter’s beauty…


Winter’s Statement

Ice-covered branches,

drenched in frost,

framed by pink sun-glow, sparkling,

in shimmering daybreak,

preside against a backdrop of morning-sky mauve.

The whirling wind can kiss and sting,

its chill embrace, a cloak.

Flakes frost my fingers and my eyes.

I blink against the nip.


I breathe the brisk of winter’s cold

and sample its portions,

my eyes now quenched with pleasure.

The sound of ice, cracking, echoes as I step,

while thoughts of You,  Lord, warm me.

Draped in winter-love’s balm,  I lift my gaze,

“Dear God, how marvelous your greatness!!

Here, with you, The Great I AM,

I am wrapped, enfolded .

I offer my humble gratitude for your landscape of

matchless elegance, of pure magnificence!

I bow to you, Holy Father and praise you

Creator of the Universe. ”


© 2016 carol a. castagna