woman praying silhoutte

Listen to the above listed worship song, ‘ Breathe’ by Michael W. Smith…The song-writer, in his message, beckons us to call on the Lord.


This week, I am sharing with you some of my poems, written during my own trying times:  He was there all the while, waiting to breathe new life into each new day.

May the Lord bless you as you read…


I’m here Lord with You on this starlit night
Listening to the ocean roar
Watching white waves emerge, mammoth
Then quiet….
Flowing, as it were, toward the sand, to sleep
I’m surrounded by Your greatness, Lord
This vast sea before me
The moon wanting only to remain in this moment
The wind caressing me gently…
In awe, I stand before you
Creator of heaven and earth!

carol castagna copyright 10/2012



A Prayer Requesting Strength

I love You, Lord, for You
Have loved me with the greatest
Love of all
An everlasting love that
Lifts me up and helps me stand

Be not far from me, Lord
when my way is unclear
One day, we shall see things
as they are
on that day when we shall see You

Face to face

I bless You, Lord, for Your

Constant abiding in me
For Your hand on my life
Let me continue to rest in Thee
For only then will I have strength

To run the race set before me



Poem of Repentance, Forgiveness, Salvation, Redemption

Dear Father,

Thank you for the glorious peace of your presence

For the hope of your return

I feel the warm rays of your goodness and mercy

As I come before You, Oh, Christ

Awaiting your touch

Cover me with Calvary Love

Drench me in Golgotha Blood

Spilled unabashedly for me…


And my heart will remain ever grateful

For Your priceless gift of redemption!

In Thy Blessed Name,




A Poem of Renewed Devotion

Thank you dear Father,

Jesus, my Lord, for life with You,
Lord of my life…

And all the ancillary joys

That appear so clear
and focused, now


I’m so in love with life!
The bird’s song ~ sweeter

Earth colors ~ richer

Thank you for drawing me

Closer to you

I give my life -my all
To Your service.
Please take my hand

And walk
the out-stretched mile with me.



Cradle me, Lord

From cradle to grave

In the everlasting arms

That shield and heal

Cradle me, Lord

I slip and fall

But not completely

For your power restrains me

And makes me stand again


Cradle me, Lord

To slumber sweetly

In Your presence

As day descends

Or as morning mists

Hold me steadfast

In Your loving grip

In Your timeless

Tender embrace


Wrap me up in Your love, Lord,

with ribbons of joy and rainbows of song

I adore Your blessed name and
seek Your protection, guidance and comfort
Let me know the fragrance of Your calm, sweet presence
In the midst of life’s circular path
Make my journey straight
By the touch of Your hand on mine
May I know the whisper of Your voice in my wilderness
May I rest sweet Jesus in Your peace
In Your Blessed Name, Amen


asked, He answered

I asked, He answered

I sought, I found

I knocked and the door

Opened wide for me


I asked, He answered

I sought, I found

His mercy is limitless

His  faithfulness ever abounds

Lamentations 31:



Lord, You have turned my mourning into dancing

My night into the sweet glow of moonlight

You’ve touched my life with the might of your

Healing hand

And comforted my soul in the desert


Lord, when I walked through briar and thistle you guided my way

And lifted me close to your heart to breathe your sweet Presence

My soul sang your praise for directing me God-ward and upward


And I continue to sing a new song of praise to my God

I am content to look toward heaven and to know the

Strength of your promise

It is you, oh God, my Portion, my Redeemer, my Joy

Who breathes new life into each new day


Stay with me as I grow old and await your return


All poems are written by Carol Castagna and © 10/2012