1/16/2017  The Message:  translation of the Bible by Eugene Peterson into today’s more familiar language.

E. Peterson began not only preaching and teaching Scripture but interpreting the text “into the world my parishioners were living in, doing my best to make the gospel plain to harassed men and women, over-busy and on the run, so that they might get a glimpse of what is means to live by faith.” Then he found himself “in the company of 15 scholars at the Committee on Bible Translation, who did their share of research and listening to how people speak, write and understand English today. Their findings produced the New International Version. NIV and the Message side by side: Peterson says that it is a reading Bible…”he makes every effort to keep the language of the Bible with the common speech we use today so that people will be encouraged to read it, understand it and live it.”

I chose to investigate the Message,  myself, because I am most familiar with the NKJV of the New Testament and the Psalms and a few of the other books of the Old Testament but not all. Growing up, I went to a family church where the minister spoke Italian. So my intent was to read and understand books like Numbers, Deuteronomy and Chronicles.


Growing up, I went to my family’s church where the minister gave an Italian sermon

so I was not knowledgeable about many of the stories in the Old Testament.

Next week I will give you a chapter example of the NIV and one of The Message; this will

be from the Book of Psalms, parts of chapters 8 and 9.