green park


A song of faith, encouragement and the closeness of God.


His hand in mine!  How wonderful His love

Jesus walks with me

Never a day goes by without His touch

Jesus, my strength comes from Thee
He guides my path through the narrow way
He guides my steps as I live day by day
His hand in mine -How wonderful His love!
Jesus walks with me.


New every morn, His mercies, free, unfold

Jesus walks always with me

Surely my walk with Christ, I’ll dearly hold

Ever ‘till His face I see

Faithful is He to our every prayer

He knows our road -knows each heart’s silent care

His hand in mine -How precious is my Lord
Jesus walks always with me
Saved by the grace of God, I’ll gladly bear
whatever His will doth bring
I’ll share His sunshine and His praises sing
Jesus, my Lord and my King

Incomparable gift of His infinite love
Reach out -Accept – The Christ who waits above

His hand in mine – Praise God He loves me so

Jesus walks with me…

© 10/2012 Carol Castagna

Isaiah 55: 6

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near.


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