You believe in Him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy.
I Peter 1:8 (1)

When my Grandmother, Rose DeLucia, closed her eyes to earth’s journey to awaken on Heaven’s shore, a major part of me fell to the ground. My world was shattered. Nothing was the same. I was down for the count.
I had hoped that I could manage fairly well whenever she passed – but at first, I didn’t fare very well at all. I lost a dear friend since my childhood years. Grandma was the one with opened arms, a ready, welcoming   smile, a warm embrace, a “Hello Dahling!” And because of my family’s proclivity toward depression, her passing hit me hard…very hard.
Not only did we share laughter, we breathed one joy ~ and it was that breathing of the same joy in the Lord that had been my constant. Together, we breathed in the joy of the Lord, the joy of laughing and conversing together, the joy of seeing each other and the joy of anticipating seeing each other, again! She was the first one with whom I felt a spiritual connection. She knew who she was in the Lord and in this world. Even-tempered, slow to judge, slow to anger, quick to heal and to cover a wound, quick-witted and wise, she was my friend. How much alike we were; I had found my soul-mate! I found someone in this life who understood me without my having to explain! And now, she was physically gone.
It’s not that I was unaware that she must leave this earth, some day. It was that even though I thought I was prepared to say my final goodbye, I simply was not prepared. Oft times, my Grandmother’s understanding was in her eyes or in her smile. It was that palpable! And her hands, the hands of a seamstress, were as gentle as her character was strong. She held the Holy Bible and turned its pages as though she were sifting through gold – and she was – Truth’s gold: the truth of the Christ of Calvary, the cross, the Resurrection and the opened tomb, Redemption, and Eternity flooded those hallowed pages. I never really worked through the loss of her, thoroughly– the loss of my maternal Grandmother, this woman of God, whom I emulated.
It was lonely for a long, long time after Grandma passed. It was during that time that the Lord gave me the lyrics and piano melody to Melody of Hope. I play the music and read the words till today and I have been comforted through so many of life’s trials. One day I will see her again. The promise of eternity will come to pass and the breathing of one joy will resume brighter and more alive than ever, before! Heaven’s great splendor will blaze with the light of our Lord and Savior in our midst! With loved ones surrounding us and Heaven’s symphony resounding; the crystal river flowing, earth’s sadness will be but a disappearing pebble erased from memory’s stream! It will be replaced with “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

Thank you, dear Lord, for your promise that one day all tears shall be wiped away, that all things will be made new, that the days will need no sun because you, Lord, will be our bright and shining light. Thank you for loved ones who are here and those who have gone to be with you. Thank you for the promise of Eternity where we all will gather in your love and in your name, Amen, Lord.

Music and Lyrics:    ©Melody of Hope is #10 in Original Compositions by Carol Ann Castagna

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© 2016 Carol Ann Castagna