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My oldest daughter had a reaction from a booster inoculation, when she was seven years old…Physicians gave me no hope.  They said:  “I’m sorry, Mrs. G.,  we can do nothing for your daughter.”   Today, she tells me that she remembers my kneeling by her bedside in prayer, during the months that passed.  The days, weeks and months following the devastating news were grueling and agonizing.  I could only watch her decline, knowing I could do nothing to help.  I can still remember the aching in my heart: I could no longer bear it.  I felt as though I were being turned inside out and could not find my way back:  that is the only way I can explain it!  I prayed that the Lord in His mercy would touch her, heal her and make her whole…and that if He chose not to heal her, He would help me deal with all our tomorrows and that He would walk with me and give me the strength to cope with whatever tomorrow would bring.  In His mercy, the Lord healed my daughter.  After many long and uncertain months passed, she fully regained her health and strength.  We have no answers for the “why and who and where” the Lord heals.  He healed my child ~ in His mercy. She is without residual effects and I am ever grateful for the Lord’s healing power in her life.

I praise Him for healing my daughter, for keeping me in His care during that mournful time and for lifting me up in His mighty strength.  Truly, God is worthy of our praise! The Lord gave me the words and music to a song during this time…it’s called “A Mother’s Prayer,” a mother’s request for her child’s healing.


Touch her, heal her, make her whole

For I adore this child before me

Blessed Christ, I do believe

Thy hand hath power to heal

“Go in peace, my child…

Thy faith hath made her whole”

Thank you, Father, for Thy countless,

Wondrous miracles untold.


Touch her, heal her, make her whole

For I adore this soul before me

Blessed Christ, I do believe

Thy blood hath power to save

“I am the Lord, thy God

Who maketh all things new”

Thank you, Father for Thy

Endless loving-kindness…Promise true

 © Carol Castagna 10/2012  


Dear Father,

We thank you for Your healing power that is available still to us today.  We thank You that we may come to You in faith, believing that You hear us when we pray.  We thank You for Your answers to prayer when we are forlorn…and for your power that transcends all power, dear Lord.  We magnify Your glorious name!

Thank you, Lord, for consoling me also at various other times in my life when Your answer was “no” or “wait”…when I did not understand why something was happening or often still do not understand why some things are still happening in my loved ones’ lives. I pray that You will draw me nearer when my way is unclear. Lead me in Your righteousness and in Your light. Without You, the path is dark but with You, the path is bright and sun-shining.  Only when I walk with You am I grounded and rooted!  I pray the same for family and friends that I love  ~ who are hurting and struggling, today. Ground us, Lord ~ root us in Your strength and Your power. Let us know the strength of Your embrace as we seek each day, each hour to live for You. Remind us Lord that You are all-powerful at all times.  Lead us to trust in You every moment of our lives. Thank you for the privilege of coming to You with our petitions, our thanks and our love for You. Thank you also, dear Father that we need not know why things happen; we just need to know Who is leading us out of darkness into the light, Who walks beside us and  Whose hand we hold.

In Jesus’s name,  Amen.                            

 Proverbs 3: 5  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.

Psalm: 34: 4  I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm: 42:  7, 8  Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls;  All Your waves and billows have gone over me.

The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime.  And in the night His song shall be with me – A prayer to the God of my life.

Psalm 116:  1, 2  I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice and my supplication.  Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.

Psalm 119: 11  Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.

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