Many years ago, I knew Mrs. Molbey and her son as well. I graduated high school with him. She was a lovely Christian woman and an R.N. We had much in common and we spoke often of the Lord. . Her son hung out at the same haunts as my former spouse so I knew that she experienced  similar heartaches. Wanting her son to come to Jesus, wanting him to have a life worth living in Christ is something Christians always want for  family members. We shared many Sunday evening services, together and she was filled with a sense of joy.

One Sunday eve, I noticed a special joy in her worship…despite the burden that she carried, Mrs. Molbey  was singing and praising the Lord.  She was a woman in her 80s and her son was  carrying on as though he were a teen and hadn’t a care in the world. At that time, I was raising my children alone, without  help of the absentee spouse and father who was deep in his own addictions.  My life was sad. I found it difficult to separate my circumstances from my need to live in the joy of the Lord. The Lord was my strength  through all crises and my comfort through all storms.  Joy, however was  far-reaching at that time and pain usurped my joy.  It wasn’t until I was able to stop trying to fix my circumstances and allow God to work in my life that the fullness of the Lord’s joy was mine.

But there she was, Mrs. Molbey.  Just worshipping and praising the Lord! So beautiful and free! Unencumbered by any burden regarding her youngest son’s life! She had learned many of life’s lessons. She  knew that he was a child of God and that God would direct his path to reach Him or to find Him, again. She knew that no matter what happened in this life to her son, his security was in heaven. She had raised him from early childhood to know the Lord as his Savior. I was still learning life’s lessons…that I didn’t have to worry. And my Savior was in control.

I thought to myself, years later, she must have had the mindset:  “I have an appointment with the King of Kings, soon, perhaps, very soon. My Lord has prepared Eternity for me -with Him.” Realizing that we have very little control over someone else’s choices is the first and most important thing we can learn from life’s lessons. If we have imparted the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to that person, even our child, we have done all we can. The rest is up to them –and that is between the Father and the person with whom you spoke.

My dad used to say: “The most important thing in this life, is reaching the other side (meaning heaven.) Living a life under the blood of Christ and walking daily with Him.

Scripture: For me, to live is Christ… Philippians 1: 21

Scripture Photo of Violin courtesy of public domain