Autumn’s Dance


Leaves, careless and playful,

dance against a rainbow,

flirting with the wind,

laughing “Catch Me If You Can”

in autumn’s splendor.

Your majesty

commands first place

among the seasons,

fair autumn.

Drape your crimson-emerald gold

over my shoulders.

Stay a while and warm me with color

before winter breaks the day with

-cold and ice.

October morn, wait!

© carol castagna 2012


Companion Poem to Autumn’s Dance:


Tango Wind-Song


Sundrenched autumn,

Strut your stuff.

Lift your leaves, flirtatious,

bare-backed, arched, victorious

to the tango wind.


Melon-persimmon and strawberry-pink

inspire a blush,

on a rust-spattered

mountain-side canvas,

slipping into sleep.


As dusk sweeps across a whisper

In the hush of early morning,

you feel the soft nudge of a wind-song,


“Yawn and stretch!”

to dance again at daybreak,

in the morning’s crackling crisp.

© 2015 Carol A. Castagna