A Gentle Kiss from God is the fulfillment of His call. As Carol Ann Castagna’s life was punctuated with harsh conditions, words of hope that God etched in her heart find their way to pen and paper. The vibrant seasonal poems depict God’s grace in carrying her through the angst and disarray of her formative years.

Longing to have become a missionary while yet a teen but barred from doing so, Carol Ann waits almost a lifetime, until the time is right and at last, A Gentle Kiss from God is born. It is the avenue through which she shares the hope of God as healing balm for the soul and the determination to face and overcome life’s deterrents. Her musical compositions and lyrics paint a soft and encouraging portrait to the weary. A tender tranquility drift in with short, sweet verse offering a model to approach the Savior. Sketch art and camerawork warm the pages to match the words.

The last chapter paints a landscape of the wonders God wrought in her life. In her world, nothing came easy and she hopes, for you the reader,that her poetry portrays a faith that leads to triumph.

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Carol’s Website:  www.joypsalms.com

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