A TEENAGER MEETS JESUS           Lyrics to Original Song #8

A teenager meets Jesus after experiencing consequences of

many poor choices


I was playing hide and seek –

“Come catch me if you can”

With the One who loves me

He was calling – I was running

Fun!  I thought on roads so dark and drear


Suddenly I stopped…. and heard

“I loved you even when you were a baby”


Then He whispered, “Child, I love you –

Take my hand and I’ll be ever near.”



I heard the voice of Jesus in a whisper

I heard the voice of Jesus in a song

He said to me – “I’ll always love you,

No matter where you’ve been

Or what you’ve done – I love you.

And there is nothing that can separate

The Heavenly Father from His child

I’ll love you till the end of time,

I cannot stop – I won’t stop loving you.”


“I loved you as a child

I’ll watch you as you  grow

I’ll sing this melody as time goes on.”


© 2012  Carol Ann Castagna